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Better by Hard Work

Visual identity for Banca Transilvania’s partnership with football legend Gheorghe Hagi: Better By Hard Work

The multiple crisis of the past few years, combined with constant amplification in the media had been building up in 2022, reaching a climax by the end of the year. As the first bank in Romania, Banca Transilvania needed to define its position and provide a sense of stability.  On National Day, BT breaks free from the usual hallow rhetoric disconnected from reality and partners up with iconic athlete Gheorghe Hagi, inspiring Romanians to conquer the hardships with unwavering perseverance and resilience.

All Romanians know Gheorghe Hagi, as there was an incredible force behind each of his comebacks. To capture his wisdom, we chose an intimate and genuine approach, providing a platform for Hagi to openly share his thoughts, fears, and perspectives on navigating challenging times.

A key component of the visual system revolved around archival footage of Gheorghe Hagi, including videos and photographs, which we revitalised using various visual filters, treatments, and textures, bringing them into the present. Through this process, we created a template that enabled us to convey Hagi's invaluable insights into his path to success.

The graphic elements emerged from a fusion of Banca Transilvania's core values and Gheorghe Hagi's principles of hard work and perseverance. The entire visual universe conveys a perpetual, dynamic movement towards excellence, despite all obstacles, while never abandoning one's dreams and purpose. The color palette emerges from Banca Transilvania's visual identity and incorporates the hues of the Romanian flag, prominently featuring red, yellow, and blue as primary tones. The entire system we crafted was built upon the same foundational values as the brand itself: trust, reliability, perseverance, hard work, resilience, authenticity, and Romanian DNA.

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