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MiNA Museum

Brand identity for MINA, the first museum in Romania dedicated to new media art 

MINA is the first museum of immersive art in Bucharest and it works as a multi-functional space, hosting art exhibitions, theatre plays, dance performances, VR cinema, immersive yoga classes, innovation events, fashion shows, and parties. But it was faced upfront with an interesting identity challenge. In 2023, in Romania new media art has yet to fully integrate into mainstream culture, being widely perceived as exclusivist and difficult to approach. How could we evoke the essence of the space while appealing to a wider audience than the niched new media local scene?  

To shatter this misconception, we had to ensure everything is contemporary and aspirational, yet straightforward and uncomplicated. The naming is bold, confident, and simple: MINA is the acronym for Museum of Immersive New Art, which also became the descriptor. 

The logotype, just like the museum, is the presenter of stories. Composed of dramatically thick letters, it works as a sturdy and versatile frame that is capable of infinite interpretations to mirror various themes, artists, and artworks. The entire visual system encapsulates technology's transformative impact on culture and art—a catalyst that shapes art's structure, birthing novel mediums, and nurturing interdisciplinary projects. 

In addition to creating MINA’s naming and visual identity, we designed guidelines for the implementation of the identity across a variety of applications, from the signage and maps to exhibition materials, banners, staff apparel, social media, and branded merchandise for The Store. 

MINA's identity embodies the influence of technology on arts and culture, reshaping the art world's framework, introducing fresh avenues of expression, and fostering collaborative endeavors spanning various disciplines.

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