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Brand strategy, verbal and visual universe for ReturRO, the organization that manages Romania’s deposit-return system, thus championing our country’s path to a cleaner environment. 

The responsibility for a cleaner environment and the prosperity of future generations belongs to us now. RetuRO comes forward with the mission of building a cleaner Romania, where each citizen is empowered to act and create a better country. By providing the most efficient waste management system in the EU, the Deposit-Return System gets us one step closer to a sustainable future.

At the core of RetuRO's world is the brand essence: "Together Towards Sustainable Change." This philosophy is vividly reflected in the entire brand universe. We have crafted a distinct visual language to articulate the brand's message: the brand’s photography style is marked by a sense of authenticity and naturalness, capturing the spirit of Romanians actively involved in sustainable practices. This imagery serves not merely as a representation but as an open invitation to participate and act towards a bigger purpose. Enhancing the photographic elements, we have integrated hand-drawn illustrations that convey a welcoming and accessible charm. These illustrations feature characters with exaggerated limbs and irregular outlines, animated by a unique brush texture that mimics the feel of pencil strokes. Prominent features in these drawings, such as eco-friendly items or icons of sustainability, are deliberately magnified and accentuated with vibrant colors. The tones were chosen not only because they’re widely associated with sustainability, but also because they convey a sense of hope and anticipation for a brighter future.

The brand slogan, "Together for a Cleaner Romania," encapsulates our collective ambition and the cohesive drive behind every initiative. In RetuRO's vision, each individual is a catalyst for change, collaboratively shaping a path toward a sustainable and flourishing Romania.