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School of Big Ideas

Brand Identity for School Of Big Ideas, Publicis Groupe’s learning initiative for the next generation of creative minds 

Publicis Groupe Romania, the largest marketing and communications conglomerate in the country, decided to launch a learning program aimed at addressing the most important specializations in the communication industry for students and young professionals at the beginning of their careers. The modules were structured into two main parts: a theoretical part and a practical part, consisting of a two-month internship at one of the Publicis Groupe agencies. 

The branding for the "School of Big Ideas" was carefully crafted to reflect its core values and objectives: echoing the program's philosophy while aligning seamlessly with the values of Publicis Groupe Romania. The name itself, "School of Big Ideas," was chosen to convey the program's focus on nurturing innovation, creativity, and forward-thinking among its students and young professionals. 

In terms of visual choices, the system employs a bold and vibrant color palette meant to capture the program's energy and dynamism. The choice of bold typography reinforces the message that the "School of Big Ideas" is not just about education, but also about inspiring the next generation of creatives to push boundaries. The vibrant color palette, featuring bold and energetic hues, symbolizes a sense of constant motion and progress and it is meant to encourage students and young professionals to have the confidence to express themselves creatively and explore uncharted territories within the industry.  

By fostering a learning environment that encourages big ideas, creativity, and ambition, the "School of Big Ideas" becomes an integral part of Publicis Groupe Romania's commitment to innovation while empowering the next generation to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

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